We have a beautiful mixed flock of hand selected for their luxurious fleeces perfect for hand spinning and crafting. Our sheep are bred from Gotland, Blue Faced Leicester, Border Leicester, and Romney and we’ve just added our new ram Frank who is a purebred Lincoln who attended the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair! Their fleeces have a range of colours that can be used as-is without dying, as well as white.


We typically have fleeces available twice a year; in the spring we shear the ewes (female sheep) before they have lambs and in the fall we shear the lambs. We then skirt the fleeces so they are ready to be washed and processed into wool crafts. Skirting removes any manure, lodged vegetable matter, and wool that is heavily matted or short. We take the time to pick out as much of the small vegetable matter during the skirting process to give you a cleaner fleece.

Purchasing a Fleece

The fleeces are listed below by the sheep’s name with the price of the fleece plus photos showing the whole fleece, a close up, some example locks, and a description of the origin of the fleece, its weight, and staple length. The fleece can be purchased online and picked up at the farm. If you would like us to mail you the fleece please contact us with your address for a custom rate. We have mailed fleeces all over North America with happy customers from Victoria to California!

New fleeces are typically uploaded to the website twice a year. If you would like to be notified about new fleeces please Contact Us.

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