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Our Flock

We have a mixed flock of sheep who live on our pasture year-round. We sell whole and half lambs, custom butchered, wrapped, and frozen by our local butcher located only minutes from the farm.

Our flock lambs in the spring once the grass has started to grow and the weather is warming. The lambs spend the spring and summer on pasture and are ready in the late fall. Our lambs are only fed high quality pasture, with no supplemental corn or grain to finish them. We believe this makes for the best tasting and healthiest lamb possible.

How we Raise our Flock

We rotationally graze our flock onto fresh pasture every couple of days so that they are eating only the freshest grass. This makes for great tasting lamb, while also being fantastic for the soil. We follow this intensive grazing period with at least 4 weeks of rest. This means the grass has lots of time to recover and is at peak quality before we bring the flock back to graze again. During this time, the grass puts down deep roots and starts to store carbon in the soil, helping to reverse the effects of climate change! This help to our environment is one of the reasons we think it is really important to have  sheep on the farm and keep most of our land as pasture.


If you would like to order a half or whole pastured lamb, please Contact Us and we can help you select your preferred size and cuts. We have a custom order form to help you select the different cuts to make sure you get your lamb exactly how you would like it.

Lamb Sold Out! – If you are interested in ordering for 2021 please contact us.