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Organic Onaway Certified seed potatoes – Grow your own!

Onaway is an early season, high yielding potato. It is considered an all-purpose white potato and can be used in almost any cooking preparation and potato dish. It is resistant to drought and adapted to growing in sandy soils.

Onaway potatoes are medium to large in size and are round to oblong in shape with uniform sized tubers and early tuber set. It is ideal to plant them closer together to prevent the tubers growing too large and misshapen. The skin is semi-smooth and a light burlap brown with a few, medium set eyes. The skin also has dark brown spots and light brown bumps covering the surface causing a slightly flaky texture. The flesh is off-white to pale yellow and has a firm, dense, and starchy consistency. When cooked, Onaway potatoes become tender and creamy and have a rich flavor with nuances of butter and hazelnut.

Potatoes can be planted in early to mid- May, as long as the ground can be worked and the soil is starting to warm. The potato tubers are tender to the cold in transport so seed potatoes are available for pick up at the farm in Mid-April onwards. You can purchase seed now to reserve your seed and we will contact you when they are available for pickup.

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