Yellow Onion Sets


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Yellow onion sets for planting – Grow your own!

Yellow onion sets are easy to plant and will grow medium sized onions that have a range of culinary uses. They can be harvested a few weeks after planting as a tasty green onion, or allowed to mature into a storage onion that can be kept over the winter.

Yellow onions are great for sautéing, stir fries, soups, and the base of any tasty cooked dish. They can also be eaten fresh.

Onion sets are very small onion bulbs that are planted about 1″ into the soil and quickly produce a green sprout. Within 2-4 weeks enough of  should have formed that the set can be harvested as a green onion or it can be left to mature. Harvest in mid to late summer when the tops start to fall over and dry completely before putting into storage.

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