Love Local Food

Enjoy food harvested the same day that it hits your plate! Eat food that is truly in season and taste the difference that makes. Savour heirloom varieties designed with Ontario soils in mind.

Be part of a community

Contribute to your local community by keeping small farms producing. Meet new people with a shared interest in supporting local and eating fantastic food. Share recipes and ideas with your neighbours.

Support sustainable farming

Know that your food is grown with methods that protect the environment. Feel confident your produce is farmed organically without use of pesticides or GMOs. Eat eggs from happy chickens!

Know your local farmer

So many people have no idea where their food comes from or our how it was grown. They’ve lost touch with
the story and people behind their food. And that’s a problem.

Founded in Ayr

Our Farm

Who we are

We are Ben and Kate Constable and we have been living at Fresh Ayr Farm since 2016 with our dogs Peigi and Nessa.

We are driven by two guiding principles in our farming. First, all animals on our farm must be raised compassionately and allowed to lead safe and respected lives. We feel this is very important for our livestock and that it ultimately makes a difference to the food we eat. Second, all crops must be grown in accordance with organic principles. We believe this helps to protect our health as farmers, improves the local environment, and provides you with the most nutritious food.

To provide delicious, nutritious, compassionate, and sustainable food to our local foodshed. We are dedicated to being an equitable employer of local people and giving back to our community.

We sell more than just vegetables!

Our farm is our passion

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What our customers are saying

We love the support and we love to hear from you!

Throughout the season my family enjoyed the superior flavour of organically grown crops; and the opportunity to buy free range chickens was a delicious bonus!

Diane, Guelph

The taste, quality and variety cannot be matched in any grocery store.  Add to that the convenience of local delivery.

Jennifer, Waterloo

Being new residents to Waterloo Region, the CSA at Fresh Ayr Farm was a wonderful way to feel connected to our community. 

Kristina, Cambridge

Our weekly delivery of freshly harvested, delicious vegetables from Fresh Ayr Farm brings me back to those wonderful summer days when I grew up on a farm.

Jennifer, Waterloo

Fresh Ayr Farm is amazing. Their fresh-picked vegetables were so good that we made them the centerpiece of our meals each week.

Jill, Kitchener